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  • Jonathan Spate

Change My Mind: Male Privilege Is a Myth

This past semester, the Turning Point USA chapter at Liberty University led Change My Mind tables where people could come together, discuss different viewpoints, and learn about a particular topic. The topics included were “toxic masculinity” and “male privilege." Today, men and masculinity are under attack. Therefore, it is vital to bring to light mass-marketed falsehoods and present some much needed solutions. Here are three points discussed at the Change My Mind table that I believe people should remember:

1.) Toxic masculinity is a lack of masculinity

Traditional masculinity teaches that men should be protectors, providers, and presiders. Men protect the defenseless. They fight wars to protect their country and are the first line of defense for their family and community. Men work long hours and sometimes multiple jobs so that their wife and kids are taken care of. Men are leaders whether it be the home, the church, the community, or the nation. The post-modern feminist movements believe that this is wrong and that men should be submissive and traditional gender roles should be abolished. When traditional masculinity is not taught to young men, they take advantage of women, leave their families, and abuse their power. God made and instructed men to be masculine and when that is done, a society can thrive.

2.) Male privilege is a myth

The post-modern feminist movements have spread the notion that men benefit from a system that was made "by men for men." But how is that true? Men are far more likely to drop out of both high school and college than women. Men also make up a large majority of the homeless, suicide casualties, and workplace fatalities. Finally, men receive longer sentences than women for committing the same crime and are more likely to lose custody of their children in court. If the system was made for the benefit of men, why are so many of them suffering? Why would men make a system that allowed women to not be part of the draft but forced men to be? Why would men willingly do incredibly hard and dangerous jobs requiring many months away from their families if the system was to be easy on men?

3.) There are solutions

Life is hard and full of problems. We all want solutions that will make life easier and solve those problems. Blaming an entire sex for misfortunes in your life is not a viable nor helpful solution, however. One of the biggest problems for men and society is a large proportion of children growing up without a father. Those without a father in the home are more likely to drop out of high school, be addicted to drugs and alcohol, have mental health issues, commit suicide, commit crimes, and be imprisoned. While it may not fully solve the problems listed above, having a present father is one thing that overwhelmingly predicts the best chance of success. Only a man can teach a boy how to be a man. Another solution is for men of God to rise, lead, and train the next generation. Our society has lost its way. It is only through godly leadership that we can hope to correct our path.

Come back next Monday to find out how Liberty students reacted to the Change My Mind table on feminism!

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