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Clubs & Contributors: Jesse Hughes

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Throughout the summer, we will be featuring the team here at The Liberty Bell News in our summer series: Clubs & Contributors. Get to know one of our journalist contributors, Jesse Hughes, by reading the Q&A below!

1.) Conservative clubs you love on campus:

Students for Life and Young Americans for Freedom (YAF).

2.) What is an issue you are praying about for our nation right now?

The direction of our culture. It has always been said that politics is downstream of culture, so unless we make significant cultural changes in our nation, it will be increasingly difficult to have meaningful policy on things like abortion, guns, the economy, etc.,

3.) What were some highlights from last semester?

Two stand out for me. The first is my work as the Sidewalk Advocacy Coordinator for Students for Life. We go out and advocate for the unborn at Planned Parenthood. The second is all the things I got to do with the Standing for Freedom Center, which gave me a lot of cool opportunities.

4.) What would you tell incoming freshmen?

Do not waste any opportunities. Whether your interests are political, musical, or anywhere in between, there are tons of amazing opportunities on campus for everyone.

Thank you for all you do at The Liberty Bell News and on campus at Liberty University, Jesse!

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