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  • Emily Huseman

Conservatism & the LGBTQ+ Lifestyle Are Incompatible

Conservatism and the LGTBQ+ movement are drastically antithetical to one another. This is why the push to further LGBTQ+ ideology has historically been exclusive to Leftists and liberal media, who advocate for radical acceptance of all sexual orientations. Today, far-Left news corporations are no longer alone in their plight to further the LGBTQ+ agenda.

In February, the CEO of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) set off a firestorm of debates when he retweeted a picture of transwoman Lia Thomas, a biological man who won first place in the 500-yard freestyle at the women’s NCAA Division 1 national swimming championship. The CEO of CPAC captioned the post, “Her story deserves our compassion. It will be interesting to hear Lia’s pov [point of view] in 30 years." Many conservatives ardently argued that Thomas should not be referred to as “her” because Thomas is a biological male and conservatives should not cater to preferred pronouns. Another example of transgenderism appearing within conservative circles arose this past March, when Fox News hired Caitlyn Jenner, a biological male who transitioned to become a trans female in 2015. The LGBTQ+ push has not only affected conservative individuals but also the nuclear family structure and childbearing. Dave Rubin, a conservative commentator, recently announced that he and his husband will be having two children via surrogacy. While it might be tempting to appeal to the LGBTQ+ audience by applauding conservative influencers that identify with that community, an “LGBTQ+ conservative” is an oxymoron.

If we as conservatives adapt to following the “LGBTQ + mentality,” we are no longer conserving anything. We are merely following the new progressive trends, and therefore, are no longer conservatives. The LGBTQ+ lifestyle is submerged in the grounds of subjectivity. This can quickly be identified by the “+” sign following the LGBTQ+ acronym. The “+” allows anyone to claim citizenship within the community based upon whatever their feelings identify with. A few years ago, it was largely composed of those who were gay or lesbian. The “+” has now expanded to include trans athletes, the nonbinary, pansexuals, and “MAPS”, meaning “minor-attracted persons.” Conservatism is naturally not adaptive to the “+” mentality because it conserves truth within society based on fact rather than feelings. While the Left says a pre-born child can be aborted if the mother does not feel like she wants to be pregnant, conservatives point to scientific fact that proves the pre-born child is a person worthy of life. In the issue of socialism, Leftists feel as if socialism is fairer because everyone gets an equal share. Conservatives point to the history of socialist countries like Venezuela and economics to show that socialism continually harms. Conservatism has always evolved around conserving factual, biblically based fundamentals in culture. Those duties do not change concerning sexual identities or gender orientations.

Along with being founded in truth, conservatism has the blessing of having a non-changing moral compass through Scripture. Unlike the Left, the morals conservatives believe in do not change based on the approval of the woke mob. As a result, we as conservatives are not bound to obey what cancel culture says. We are free thinkers because we have been set free by the authority of Scripture from having to believe what the world tells us to believe. We know that it is not right for two married fathers to raise children. We know that the nuclear family is what God intended for society. We know transgenderism is sin (Genesis 1:27, Deuteronomy 22:5). The LGBTQ+ rhetoric preaches the opposite of this Truth and then judges those who disagree using its own subjective morality. Under the LGBTQ+ ideology, conservatives who speak biblical truth are spouting out hate speech. Refusing to applaud two married fathers for having children makes you “unloving.” Feeling angry that a biological man can swim in women’s sports championships is “uncompassionate” of you. When there are two radically different perspectives on what is true, there will be a different gauge of morality. If one side deems immoral what the other side deems moral, they cannot coincide.

The perception that conservatism is a charcuterie board of beliefs to pick and choose from is flawed. Every aspect is held together and founded on Scripture. When there is no longer a Judeo-Christian worldview, conservative values become moot because they are undermined by progressivism. For example, it is unreasonable for someone to advocate for free speech while advocating for same-sex marriage. The right to free speech was founded in our Constitution by Founding Fathers who believed God’s law was superior to all, and that through God’s superior Law, humans have inalienable rights like free speech. Same-sex marriage rejects the belief that God’s law is sovereign and superior overall because the act of homosexuality blatantly disobeys Scripture (Romans 1:24-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9). By doing so, homosexuality implies that humans are wiser than what God commands. The phrase in the Declaration of Independence that states, “They are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,” becomes no longer applicable because God is no longer omniscient. Conservatives cannot support transgenderism and limited government concurrently because limited government is founded on the biblical belief that humanity is sinful, and therefore their power should be restrained. Transgenderism implies that everyone should be celebrated whenever they do what feels good to them. If the question is even raised that their actions are wrong, the person asking such a question will be deemed as immoral by the transgender individual.

Conservatism has always been about conserving biblical values in our culture, especially God’s design for marriage, family, and gender. To embrace the inclusion of anything else undermines the entire framework of conserving. If we stop conserving the biblical truth of marriage and family in society, who will?

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