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  • Hannah Maxwell

David Nasser Resigns as Liberty University's Campus Pastor

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Last week, Liberty University's campus pastor David Nasser announced his official resignation as Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development through a video on his Instagram page. This announcement spread swiftly throughout the campus and on various social media platforms (watch the video announcement here: Nasser's announcement of resignation by the end of the current semester was received by the student body with varied reactions. Many students were surprised by this decision, while others had been anticipating his exit approaching due to the controversial way he has handled various issues during the 2020-21 academic school year.

On February 3rd, 2021, Nasser gave passionate remarks during a sermon at Campus Community about complying with the state-wide mask mandate. He stated, “When you come here [to Campus Community] and you signed up and said you’re going to wear a mask, wear your mask in this room. You’re not being brave when you take it off because it’s inconvenient and you can’t breathe well. Put your mask on if you are going to come in this room.” Nasser continued to say, “Be the kind of Christian that thinks selflessly about other people. This isn’t woke, and this...isn’t super hyper-sensitive. This isn’t political. This is the reality that we’re all in a season where we have to sacrifice for one another. We have to give for one another.” The aftermath of his sermon caused discord amongst the student body because some Liberty students emphatically sided with the campus pastor’s personal conviction for health and safety beyond the college campus. However, there were many other outspoken students who completely disagreed with Nasser’s stance on following the strict state-wide mask mandate, specifically at religious gatherings.

Over the past seven years, Nasser's responsibilities at Liberty University have included Convocation, Campus Community, LU Send, LU Serve, LU Shepherd, LU Stages, the Worship Collective, and the Office of Online Engagement (as listed on the website, During Nasser’s time at Liberty University, his popularity and influence has grown exponentially. He has also received high praise from many well-known speakers and guests who have visited the campus. Despite praise from celebrities and others in the public-eye, numerous Liberty students, parents, and alumni have voiced concerns about Nasser's progressive approach to Christianity, which has often contradicted with the core values of the university. Even with these tensions, Nasser and the leadership at Liberty are parting ways respectfully. On April 8th, Liberty University tweeted, “Thank you, @davidnasser and @jennifernasser, for the years you have served our students, equipping them to serve and follow Jesus.” The Nasser family is planning to move to Nashville, Tennessee, to lead a new unnamed non-profit after the 2021 spring semester.

Following Nasser’s announcement, Liberty University revealed that Jonathan Falwell, Senior Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and second eldest son of Liberty University’s founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., would be taking over Nasser's role as Senior Vice President of Spiritual Development, including the role as Campus Pastor. Pastor Jonathan Falwell responded to this announcement on his social media platforms by writing, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to help shepherd Liberty University in its original mission of Training Young Champions for Christ.” With these leadership changes in motion, it is evident that both the Liberty University President, Jerry Prevo, and the Liberty University’s Office of Spiritual Development are on the same page and ready to pursue a new direction.

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