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Liberty Bell Book Review: The Christian Left

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Who wrote this book? Lucas Miles, a pastor, podcast host, and speaker. Last November, Mr. Miles spoke at the Freedom Uncensored conference hosted by the Standing for Freedom Center at Liberty University. You can watch his speech at Liberty here.

Why is this book important? Many churches are becoming “woke” by preaching about social justice, diversity, and acceptance rather than the biblical principles of sin, redemption, and sanctification. The Christian Left’s woke preaching is impacting culture through redefining marriage, allowing abortion, and the social justice movement. The Church needs to stop teaching Leftist doctrine founded in Marxism and start preaching the true, biblically sound doctrine of the Gospel in order to be effective for God’s Kingdom. You can buy a copy of this book for yourself here.

Three takeaways from the book:

1.) Leftist Christians don’t understand the severity of sin.

Christians on the Left constantly talk about God’s love, acceptance, and inclusion. However, to understand the magnitude of God’s goodness, we must understand the depth of our depravity. The Left does not understand the severity of sin because Leftists ignore or redefine sin, such as homosexuality and abortion. By allowing sin to be redefined or ignored, there is no need for repentance and God’s grace. This means there is no need for the Gospel, where Jesus saved us in His grace when we were dead in our sins. There is nothing truly loving about cheapening the Gospel of Jesus Christ by making sin subjective to the eye of the beholder.

2.) Social justice programs aren't equivalent to sharing the Gospel.

Miles notes that many social justice movements advocate for racial reconciliation, clean water, and education. While these are necessary programs and opportunities for the Gospel to be shared, those charities should not be prioritized over evangelism. Miles wrote, “The danger….is when believers drift away over time from the core principles of the gospel in favor of adopting more progressive and inclusive programs in the here and now at the expense of people’s eternal salvation” (p.84).

3.) Love the sinner, hate the sin.

I believe this is the most important point made in this book. Christian conservatives can, and should, display the powerful love of Jesus to other sinners while still calling out the sin in their lives. We can love the girl who received an abortion while at the same time being filled with grief about the death of her unborn child. In the same way, we can help the illegal immigrant while at the same time acknowledging that they broke the law. Miles warns that, “Not all on the Right are looking for truth in this way, though. Kindness is rejected so as to not appear weak, causing some on the right to hold fast to ideas, such as freedom, truth and personal liberty, while intentionally throwing empathy, understanding, and Christian service overboard” (p.145).

Three steps of action:

1.) Join a virtual Biblical Citizenship class this summer! Find more information here.

2.) Have a strong understanding of a Biblical Worldview. Spending daily time in the Word is the best way to “test and approve” what teachings are true and founded in Scripture (Romans 12:2). While devotionals and commentaries are helpful, nothing should replace your time reading solely Scripture. Developing a Biblical Worldview that applies Scripture to current issues is also crucial. A club on campus that is devoted to teaching a Biblical Worldview is LU Pursuit of Truth. Follow them on Instagram here: @lupursuitoftruth.

3.) Request conservative convocation speakers at Liberty that don’t subscribe to the false, woke teaching of the Christian Left. You can request convo speakers here.

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