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Real America's Voice Comes to Liberty University

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Liberty’s campus has emptied out as the spring semester has come to a close, but that does not mean big things do not continue to happen on campus! On Friday, May 21st, 2021, the news outlet, Real America’s Voice, rolled a tour bus onto campus in continuation of its “Save America Freedom Tour." With numerous students, faculty, staff, and parents gathered in front of the School of Business, Real America's Voice interviewed several university leaders about why Liberty University’s mission of providing both our country and our world with Christ-centered men and women is so crucial to solving the problems that our society currently faces.

One of those leaders was Dave Brat, former Congressman and current Dean of the School of Business. When asked how Liberty University can stop the trend of students being taught that America was never great, Brat acknowledged that, "Most leading universities are engaged in the deconstruction of religion, Judeo-Christian tradition, constitutional government, free-markets, and business." Dean Brat is hopeful that Liberty is a part of the answer to stopping the deconstruction taking place in America's culture today as the university has “stuck to its knitting”: the fundamental pillars of the Judeo-Christian tradition. In addition, he briefly discussed what the Christian response to government tyranny should be in light of the overbearing COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions Americans have had to deal with for the past year. Many Christians seem to subscribe to the notion that Romans 13 makes it clear that we are called to be obedient to the sovereign, however Dean Brat simply deduces from the Constitution that “the sovereign is We the People," and that Americans, through self-government and the election of government leaders, are the sovereign charged with the duty of promoting liberty.

Real America’s Voice also interviewed former Congressman and current Dean of the Helms School of Government, Robert Hurt, who stressed the importance of Liberty University in our country and culture today. “Our students, when they graduate, they love America, period,” he says. “Washington is not going to fix itself, that’s for sure, but when you send in these young people with this background and conviction – I have a great amount of hope for America.” Last but not least, former Kansas Attorney General and current Liberty University law professor, Phill Kline, stressed the importance of truth: “Our culture today denies the existence of truth...[however] the Constitution leads with the recognition that there are self-evident truths…that there is a higher moral authority than government that granted our rights at the moment of creation. We’re now fighting an ideology that has been around since the garden of Eden, and that is that man is god and therefore the highest calling of man is government, therefore government determines who has rights and who doesn’t.” The solution to this, Kline believes, is the original idea of a university, where purpose and passion are found by “struggling and trying to identify a single truth” and realizing that “every single human being has value in the eyes of God.”

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