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  • Hannah Maxwell

Champions for Christ, Champions for Life: A Recap of LU’s 50th Anniversary

Liberty University's 2021-22 academic school year has already ended, and summer vacations, internships, and jobs have commenced for many LU students. As a newfound Liberty alum and on behalf of the Liberty Bell News executive board, I would like to congratulate my fellow graduates in the class of 2022 on completing such a momentous academic milestone! You are now part of an even bigger Liberty family as you are blessed to join thousands of LU alumni who embody what it means to be a Champions for Christ across the nation and around the world.

Lynchburg is a lot quieter without everyone here on Liberty Mountain, but for the returning students and incoming freshmen- August will be here before you know it! So, as we enter the second summer chapter of the Liberty Bell News, our team is taking one last look back on some of our top five favorite moments from Liberty University's 50th jubilee and academic school year.

1. Party in the USA

Last fall semester, after the Standing for Freedom Center concluded their first Christian conservative conference on-campus, conservative club leadership hosted Party in the USA, an afterparty event for chapter members with guest speaker Christine Yeargin. Members of Turning Point USA, LU Pursuit of Truth, LU Students for Life, Young American for Liberty, and volunteers from the Freedom Uncensored Summit enjoyed a memorable evening of fellowship, food, and fun to conclude an incredible conference weekend!

2. Prayer Rally for Life

Upon an announcement at Convocation before thanksgiving break by Liberty University President, Dr. Jerry Prevo, students were given the opportunity to be champions for life in our nation's capitol in partnership with the board of trustees member, Penny Nance, and Concerned Women for America. The first day of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court hearing on December 1st was an eye-opening experience for many Liberty students. On each side of the Supreme Court steps were two very different groups of people. One group was undoubtedly a bright light, peacefully spoke prayers, and gave motivational speeches. In contrast, the other group consisted of dark, vulgar language on handmade signs, and loud megaphones for angry rants.

3. The 49th National March for Life

Once again, President Prevo encouraged another opportunity for Liberty University students to engage in the pro-life movement by providing buses for traveling to the 49th national March for Life. Last year, when the national March for Life in Washington, D.C. was canceled, the Standing for Freedom Center hosted the 'Life March' with the event's co-sponsors, the Liberty Students for Life club and Culture of Life 1972. Due to the previous year's cancelation and the event's potential to be the last march before Roe v. Wade is overturned, the student body's excitement was immeasurable!

4. Convocation

There were too many incredible Convocation guest speakers this school year for our team to narrow it down to just one favorite! In the fall semester, special guests such as Dr. David Jeremiah, Shannon Bream, and Mike Pompeo brought Christian conservative convictions to the forefront of the Convo stage. The spring semester included many more familiar faces, such as LU's head football coach, Hugh Freeze; Thomas Road Baptist Church and university campus pastor, Jonathan Falwell, and our very own Liberty University President, Dr. Jerry Prevo! Much like the Vines Center's structure, Convocation has evolved over the past fifty years; yet it remains one of the largest and most influential weekly gatherings of Christian young people. Our LBN team can hardly wait to find out the lineup of guests for the upcoming school year!

5. Spring Formal Garden Soiree for Life

In the third annual Culture of Life 1972 fashion show, LU Pursuit of Truth and Turning Point USA conservative chapters co-hosted the spring formal and Garden Soiree for Life with special guests Alex Clark and Hope Harvard. The spring launch for COL 1972 was a huge hit, and the formal event was a fun celebration for club members and leadership after a successful semester for the Christian conservative student body at Liberty University!

As Liberty students, we could not be more grateful to attend a university that acknowledges and defends the sanctity of life. As you go about your summer, please remain in prayer alongside our LBN team for the Supreme Court, the justices, their families, and our nation. Championing for Christ and life is not an easy endeavor. Still, prayerfully, the enteral significance of the decisions made in the coming days and weeks will constitute a great deal of hope for future generations to come. Similar to the theme of this school year in review highlighting life and liberty, wherever you find yourself this summer, continue to fight for these values as a Champion for Christ!

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