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  • Emily Huseman

The Lie of Love is Love

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

June is now here, and messages supporting the LGBTQ+ “Pride month” are being seen throughout the mainstream media and businesses. The most common message seen this month is the phrase “Love is Love”: a phrase coined by the LGBTQ+ community that preaches anyone can love anyone or anything they choose to love. On the surface level, this phrase sounds as one that should be thoroughly endorsed by people of faith. However, this phrase is not one to simply support before being thoroughly examined from a Biblical worldview. As Christians, God beckons us to study and pray about messages the world cries out before the Church begins to preach false teaching.

I was personally disappointed this past semester during my Introduction to Biblical Worldviews/Contemporary Moral Issues class at Liberty University when the topic of the LGBTQ+ community was studied, particularly in the area of transgenderism. During one class, the professor said in response to a student’s question that he “is not saying transgender is a sin. It is not. Unless that person finds their identity in it.” He admitted that if they were Christians, the Church would have the responsibility to “speak the truth in love" however, if they were not followers of Christ, he would simply lead them to Jesus without speaking of their sexuality and simply “let God fix them” later on. He also mentioned that he would call the transgender individual by their preferred pronouns rather than their biological ones.

While it might seem at a glance that the loving thing to do would be to support messages such as “love is love” or use preferred pronouns instead of their biological ones, this is not the biblical nor loving path to take. The mentality that anyone can love anything they decide to, or become anything they decide to be in the area of transgenderism, revolts against God’s very creation design and mocks the Law he laid before us in Scripture (Genesis 2:24, Romans 1:24-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9, 1 Timothy 6:10). To say that humankind could go against God’s original design of marriage between one man and one woman by marrying the same gender, to declare the opposite gender than the one God created them to be, or to identify as not having a gender at all, infers that humankind has greater wisdom than God. This inevitably cries out that “man is God,” giving man the power to govern himself and others exactly as he pleases without the boundaries of morality which can only be found in Scripture. This is exactly what we see play out in modern day culture as humankind governs itself without the boundaries of God’s laws. With the absence of God’s laws, anyone can cry out that they love whomever they please. Pedophiles can cry out they love minor girls to justify raping them. Humans can profess they love their pet animal and marry them. Boys can decide they feel like a girl and steal scholarships in women’s sports because they have a biological athletic advantage. Who is to stop them with the absence of God's laws and scientific laws of nature?

When Christians join in with the world by saying that "love is love" or support the actions of the LGBTQ+ community that God forbids in His Word, they are indirectly showing their allegiance to man over God. By siding with the celebration of actions marked as sin in Scripture, Christians are showing that they too believe the lie that love is what humanity views as love, over the clear definition of love shown in the Bible. Love is not what humanity defines; love is what God defines. Anything that man defines as love other than what God defines as love is therefore a lie. As followers of Christ, the loving thing to do for our friends and family members in the LGBTQ+ community is not to reiterate these lies or support the notion that humanity knows best. The most loving thing to do, as with any other sin, is to love the sinner, yet at the same time point them to the loving laws placed in the Bible to protect us.

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