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  • Emily Huseman

Student Ridiculed by Professor While Wearing 100% CDC-Compliant Mask

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

ANONYMOUS STUDENT TIP: "While attending a test review for pathophysiology, I wore my 100% CDC compliant mask that contains a breathable, mesh material. Unlike most masks, this mask's mesh material is pneumonia bacteria -free and allows for hard of hearing individuals to read my lips. During the review, the professor singled me out and began to chastise me for wearing such a mask, despite it being 100% CDC compliant. She proceeded to tell me that the mask I was wearing did nothing before embellishing on horror stories of young people dying of COVID-19. I felt this was in an attempt to guilt-trip me, as if I was responsible for those deaths. After I refused to wear a different kind, the professor started asking me questions about my personal vaccination history and attempted to persuade me into getting the COVID-19 vaccine that violates my personal convictions."

The Liberty Bell News strongly condemns professors guilt-tripping or chastising students based on their personal decisions regarding COVID-19. Beyond the argument of if the mask actually prevents the spread of COVID-19, the most problematic underlying issue of this anonymous student tip is the issue of liberty regarding personal healthcare. Personal responsibility, respect of health privacy, and equal treatment regardless of the student's vaccination status or mask-wearing should be upheld in classrooms across campus at all times.

As vaccinations are being administered more readily throughout America, the outcry to get vaccinated is trending in popularity with new concepts such as "Vaccine Passports" being introduced. If one chooses not to take the vaccine, the idea that the non-vaccinated individual is responsible for the deaths of COVID-19 patients is often insinuated. Futhermore, anti-COVID-19 vaccine individuals have received vocal backlash that declares they are are insensitive, anti-science, and unreasonable for refusing the vaccine. Are such accusations true? In contrast to the liberal-media narrative, those who refrain from the COVID-19 vaccine, such as the Liberty University student mentioned above, do have reason to refuse. Their decision to not receive the vaccine includes:

  1. Lack of known long-term side effects as a result of the vaccine

  2. Religious convictions, such as believing the vaccine is the "mark of the beast" warned about in Revelation 13:16-17.

  3. Current health scares regarding the vaccine, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommending a pause on the distribution of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine after blood-clotting cases were reported (

While there are more reasons why one might refuse the vaccine, it is important to be sensitive and aware that those who do not support being vaccinated have reason that should be respected. The same argument should be applied to mask-wearing and other personal healthcare actions. Even if their personal convictions or concerns do not support another Liberty professor's or student's views, honor and nondiscrimination for contrasting personal healthcare decisions should be keenly observed at all times. It is even more imperative to exhibit such character on a Christian university campus that embodies the name of Liberty.

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