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  • Jordan Lockett

Vandalizing Property in the Name of Love and Tolerance

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Vandalism seen by the Commons bus stop at Liberty University

In America, we are blessed with the choice of freedoms and the freedom to choose. Every American has natural privileges granted by God, but they ultimately have the option to use them. Today's culture is, unfortunately, one that rejects these liberties, promoting a world without godly values that rewards ignorance and dismisses the value of the constitution. We have the ability to research evidence of our political ideologies, speak them effectively to others, and share our excitement about their connection to the Gospel but only a fraction of people genuinely put this into practice. In fact, our society has gone as far as to destroy the God-given freedoms others do use through censorship, cancel culture, and proclaiming hate speech to disagreeing opinions.

On the Liberty campus, this, unfortunately, presents itself through vandalism in the name of "justice." "BLM" and "Love is love" can be seen scribbled and drawn in multiple locations on campus. It has been written on the walls and previously seen smeared on the sides of elevators. Even on Liberty's campus, where rules can be tailored to the schools' liking, the students still have the right to express their outrage through protests, letters to staff, and through the Office of Equity and Inclusion. The students who vandalize have the freedom to make their opinions known peacefully and respectfully, but instead use it to disregard private property through vandalization, claiming they are doing it in the name of love and tolerance. And yet, it is not their fault for believing this. From a young age, many people are taught a twisted, Marxist worldview that promotes an addiction to feeling righteous. Projecting that a feeling is valid reasoning for vandalizing property, denying the opportunity for life, or stepping on the very idea of freedom, from which the university is named after, showcases the severe misalignment with the way others are teaching kids to identify with God in their everyday lives.

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