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  • Jesse Hughes

Why Liberty Shouldn't Take Federal Funding

In the latest example of the federal government expanding LGBTQ protections, the Department of Education announced that Title IX protections do apply to transgender students. While it is unclear to what degree this will be enforced, it presents a new problem to religiously-based colleges and universities that believe in traditional views that could be considered “anti-LGBTQ” by many in these government departments. This puts these colleges in a potential corner, with having to decide whether or not to compromise their viewpoints in the face of mounting pressure.

Currently, the Department of Education allows religious schools to file for exemptions to nondiscrimination rules in regards to LGBTQ students, but with an increase in attacks on religious liberty in the past few years, Christian and religious schools cannot be certain that they will continue to have these exemptions. The best route that schools like Liberty University can take is to follow the example of Hillsdale College and other similar institutions: do not accept any federal funding. This proposition may get a fair amount of pushback, seeing as some students may rely on federal grants and loans in order to go to school, but that does not mean that there are not any other options, nor that Liberty could not provide more options. Liberty University currently has a 1.71 billion dollar endowment, and with the way the school is growing, both in student population size and in influence culturally due to factors such as its incredible sports program, that number is almost guaranteed to increase.

If Liberty wants to fulfill its mission to Train Champions for Christ, they have to be able to preserve the essential Christian teachings and doctrine that are ingrained in the fabric of the university. With mounting pressure from the radical left, and with government institutions continuing to expand LGBTQ protections, the pressure to compromise values and accept the demands of the woke mob is only going to increase. A time is coming to where the leverage of federal funding will be used against the university in order to make it comply with the “nondiscrimination” measures. Liberty has the opportunity to avoid this coming confrontation. If Liberty wants to preserve essential Christian doctrine and teachings, the next move is clear: drop federal funding and cut ties with these radical new policies.

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